Natascha Zeller

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Journey of Abundance (EN)

55.00 CHF



Welcome to your journey of abundance!

It is time for …

✨ Upgrades
✨ Rememberance
✨ Reflection
✨ Expansion
✨ Gratitude

It’s time for more abundance in your life. Now!
There is no reason to wait, hope or wish any longer..


Be part of the Journey of Abundance:

  • 30 days.
  • No excuses.
  • Anyone can be there.
  • No prior knowledge necessary.

There is always a next level!

Daily impulses (quick & short)
Telegram group (including exchange)
Your pace (better 30×1 min. than none)


📆 We start on March 1st, 2024
💰 Price: CHF 55.-

I have been dealing with the topic of abundance for years. The field is becoming increasingly clear and tangible for me. Gross and subtle. I want to share this with you!

My goal is to accompany many people to abundance. Flexible, no preassure, YOUR own journey. The time of predetermined tools and structures, of pressure and “you have to” is over. We do it differently.

Stress and pressure free. In love. Together. In joy. Join us!
Or is there any reason to put off the abundance any longer? I’m looking forward to meet you!


Yes, I know, you can do it on your own, but…
… it often gets lost in your busy everyday life because something always comes up.
… and then it just stays there, like the last few months.

Together and in a group of like-minded people, the motivation to do things automatically increases. So it becomes easier and simpler.

You already have so much knowledge. But that’s not the point. Knowledge alone changes nothing. It takes honesty, time and looking within. This is what we are doing.

In the Journey of Abundance you will receive daily impulses and support so that something really changes! A few minutes for you every day is always possible.

Imagine …
You only take 2 minutes a day… then after 30 days you will have spent 60 minutes (!) dealing with your fullness.

Remember: where focus goes – energy flows.

Your subconscious

Don’t listen to your head which is telling you:

“that doesn’t help” or
“You have to do a lot more” or
“You don’t need any more”

These sentences come from your subconscious and keep you small! How, what, where and why you will learn in more detail in the Journey of Abundance.

They are sentences which you have absorbed throughout your life. Do you want to believe them any longer?
These blocking beliefs keep you away from everything you want.

The Journey of Abundance will bring you a few steps closer to your desires…


Register now.
For you, your life and more abundance in all areas of life!
Because this is what your soul is looking for! That’s what you want.

Don’t wait any longer and jump in.

📆 We start on March 1st, 2024
💰 Introductory price: CHF 55.-


Recognize the true abundance in your life.
Treat yourself to what is good for you without always looking at the price or account balance.
Feel true gratitude for everything.
Allow yourself to want what others say you don’t need.
Recognize your wishes and learn to accept them.
Learn to feel that everything is already there.
Free yourself from your thoughts of lack – because they are simply not true.
Stop letting the outside influence you, understand where your blockages are and solve them.

💛 So that you are ready to receive even more abundance!

Give yourself these 30 days just for you. No need. Flexible. Joy.
And all of this in a circle of people who understand you and support you!

You decide how deep you can and like to go. No pressure.
I invite you on this journey that can completely change your life in just 30 days!

The magic formula?
= more trust – less control

How what where, you will learn on our journey together!

Learn to calm your nervous system and be truly grateful for everything you have.
…. really and not just like before.

Rediscover your inner glow and your true creative power.
2024 is the year of abundance – don’t wait any longer. Be there and change everything!

See you on the other side! 🌈✨